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Living by the motto, Be the Best You Can Be, three time Olympic Gold Medalist and world record-breaking swimmer, Steph Rice is renowned as one of Australia’s golden girls.

Someone who has set tall goals from a young age, Steph knew she wanted to be an Olympic swimmer at just four years old. To this day, the recently-retired athlete hasn’t stopped dreaming big and working hard to make her dreams a reality.

The talented swimmer first caught Australia’s attention in 2006, when at 17 years of age, she won gold in the 200 and 400 Individual Medley at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. She then went on to win multiple medals at international levels, before her unforgettable three Gold Medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics swimming an incredible three races in world record breaking times.

Now an international superstar, Steph’s swimming career saw her add more medals to the collection and go on to compete at the 2012 London Olympic Games, despite undergoing career-debilitating shoulder surgery. After three operations and some challenging stints of rehabilitation 25-year old Rice announced her retirement from the sport in an exclusive video in April 2014.

Proving that her hunger to win stretches beyond the pool, Steph went on to challenge herself on a different level, taking out Channel Nine’s Celebrity Apprentice Australia in 2013, becoming the youngest winner of the contest, worldwide.

She donated most of her winnings to her chosen cause, The Heart Foundation Australia’s Jump Rope for Heart initiative, in an effort to further drive a healthy and fun lifestyle message to kids, something Steph is extremely passionate about. She further impressed viewers by choosing to donate a third of her winnings to the chosen charities of the other contestants.

Steph’s business ventures, including her kid’s swimwear line, RACERiCE, are all about inspiring and supporting her fans from Australia and beyond to enjoy life and get active and healthy.

Give Back

Steph is committed to supporting key organisations that share
her passion for encouraging kids and all Australians to get active and to have fun doing it.