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My Swimming Set

By December 2, 2014 Blog No Comments

Since having appendix surgery 4 weeks ago, I haven’t been able to do any exercise unless it is very light and doesn’t stretch out the stitches. So I have been doing some walks and got back in the pool. I have just moved back to the beach and absolutely LOVE it. There is the most beautiful ocean pool, so I have been cutting some laps there haha. It is much nicer than going to a swimming pool complex, especially because the weather is so great at the moment.

I’ve had a lot of people asking me for some tips and session advice lately, so I have put together an easy, medium and tough session for you all to try in the pool.
Personally I can’t just swim laps up and down until I’m tired because
a) I find it SUPER boring and I need the mental stimulation, and
b) It takes me too long to get tired haha.
Instead I like to break it up into chunks, so that there is constant variety in speeds, strokes and distances.

Ok here are the sets:


100m easy any stroke
2 x 50m kick (either with a board or on your back with your arms above your head)
50m freestyle
50m backstroke
2 x 50m fast for the first 25m, stop and take a quick breath then swim through the rest of the lap easy to make up the 50m
100m easy

Total = 500m


300m easy any stroke
3 x 100m freestyle pull (with pull boy) or just freestyle
4 x 50m kick either on a board or on your back with your arms above your head
6 x 50m descend 1-3 (1st 50 easy, 2nd 50 medium, 3rd 50m hard x 2)
200m easy

Total = 1.3km


400m easy any stroke
200m kick
6 x 100m descend 1-3 (1st 100 easy, 2nd 100 medium, 3rd 100m hard x 2)
200m easy
6 x 50m descend 1-3 (1st 50 easy, 2nd 50 medium, 3rd 50m hard x 2)
100m easy
9 x 50m hypoxic (breathing every 3 strokes 1st 50, every 5 strokes 2nd 50, every 7 strokes 3rd 50m x 3)
50m freestyle
50m backstroke
50m freestyle

Total = 2.4km

Always remember to start out with a warm-up, like you would in any other sport or workout. I say this because I see SOOOO many people jump in the pool and go 0 to 100 down the first 25m. It’s pretty funny to watch, but not ideal on your joints and muscles…so just take it really easy the first 100-200m.

Also if you need to stop every lap that’s totally fine, just make up the distance, but try to push through if you can.

Go Get It!!