Sprout Wholefoods

Maria from my favourite cafe, Sprout Wholefood shows me a seriously simple, but out of this world delicious meal for the whole family.

Gluten, Dairy and Sugar Free
Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 0 mins
Serves: 2


1 packet kelp noodles
6-8 tablespoons Botanical Cuisine Raw Kale and Pesto Sauce
2 teaspoons nori flakes
1/2 cup fresh diced cherry tomatoes
Sunflower sprouts and fresh lime to garnish

To make the noodles

Simply combine all the ingredients in a bowl, mix together and eat up.


I choose this dish because it so easy you don’t even need to be in a kitchen to put it together. All of the ingredients can be found at Sprout Wholefood Grocer. I wanted to show people that being healthy can be easy and this is a meal that can be thrown together in minutes.

Nutritional benefits

The kelp noodles that make up the bulk of the dish are really low in calories—about 6 calories per serving—and kelp is a good source of iodine, an important nutrient for thyroid health. For these reasons this dish is great for those watching their weight.

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What lead you to open up Sprout Wholefoods? Did the café come first or the market store?

The owners Ty, Karyn and Joe opened Sprout because they struggled to find places to eat the offered clean, organic, nourishing meals that were
1. Satisfying for both males and females
2. Decently priced
3. Only used ingredients they considered wholefoods
4. Offered a variety of dietary requirements.
Sprout Wholefood Café caters for every dietary need, whether you are paleo, gluten free, raw or a meat eater. The meals are portion controlled and were developed by the owners with a nutritionist so you can be sure you are getting your required nutrients in every meal. Both Ty and Karyn having meat eating partners wanted the café to have fulfilling meals and “man food” for the male diners even if their partners were coming for the raw meal or deserts.
They wanted to create a beautiful space where you can eat, shop and exercise. Im sure you will agree they have definitely achieved their vision.
The concept was opened within weeks of each other. First came the Xtend Barre, then 2 weeks late the Café was opened and a week later followed the grocer.
Sprout has really hit the ground running and we are constantly developing new ideas and sourcing new products.
Our menu changes seasonally based on what produce was can get at the time and we are constantly offering new exciting menu items for customers to try.

Were you always interested in health and cooking or is this something that has come about more recently?

I have always been interested in health and cooking. I always say “to love someone is to make healthy tasty food for them”. With that said, my standards on what qualifies as healthy has substantially shifted in the last 5 fives years.

Do you find quality produce is readily accessible in Australia? Do you have any tips for people on where they can go to source the best ingredients?

I do believe that quality produce is readily accessible in Australia. Sometimes it means travelling a little out of your way to get it, but compared to our hunter-gatherer ancestors I think we have it pretty easy. Good quality food and water are among our most critical needs as human beings, it would make sense if we started treating it that way again. At Sprout Wholefood Grocer, our policy is “If we wouldn’t eat it, then we won’t stock it”. My advice would be to find a local grocer with the similar philosophy. If need be, make an appointment with a nutritionist in your area, someone who’s lifestyle you would like to emulate, do a private shopping tour and learn where he or she likes to shop.

You have such a great range of healthy options of sweets, desserts and snacks at Sprout and these must be great sellers and really appeal to kids too. I am so passionate about educating children on making healthier choices with their foods. Do you have any tips or advice around this?

Educating kids about nutrition at an early age is paramount to their quality of life. I am a strong believer that your children don’t do what you say, but rather do what you do. In my experience, my most powerful tool has been to lead by example– your children will watch and follow your lead. Act excited about healthy wholefoods, refrain from referring to junk foods as “treats”. A treat is something that adds to your life, not something that takes from you.
Children love creating things, get them involved when making healthy recipes. If you have some space–even on a balcony–plant some organic produce and start a garden with them. Every child is different, but then all respond well to fun.
Children are at such an impressionable age so by giving them nourishing wholefoods and changing their diets early on leads them to make better choices later in life and educate them on what is good for their health and why.