3 Olympic Gold Medals


18,298kms Swam


5 World Records Broken

Living by the motto, Be the Best You Can Be, three time Olympic Gold Medalist and world record-breaking swimmer, Steph Rice is renowned as one of Australia’s golden girls.

Someone who has set tall goals from a young age, Steph knew she wanted to be an Olympic swimmer at just four years old. To this day, the recently-retired athlete hasn’t stopped dreaming big and working hard to make her dreams a reality.

The talented swimmer first caught Australia’s attention in 2006, when at 17 years of age, she won gold in the 200 and 400 Individual Medley at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. She then went on to win multiple medals at international levels, before her unforgettable three Gold Medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics swimming an incredible three races in world record breaking times.

Now an international superstar, Steph’s swimming career saw her add more medals to the collection and go on to compete at the 2012 London Olympic Games, despite undergoing career-debilitating shoulder surgery. After three operations and some challenging stints of rehabilitation 25-year old Rice announced her retirement from the sport in an exclusive video in April 2014.

Proving that her hunger to win stretches beyond the pool, Steph went on to challenge herself on a different level, taking out Channel Nine’s Celebrity Apprentice Australia in 2013, becoming the youngest winner of the contest, worldwide.

She donated most of her winnings to her chosen cause, The Heart Foundation Australia’s Jump Rope for Heart initiative, in an effort to further drive a healthy and fun lifestyle message to kids, something Steph is extremely passionate about. She further impressed viewers by choosing to donate a third of her winnings to the chosen charities of the other contestants.

Steph’s business ventures, including her kid’s swimwear line, RACERiCE, are all about inspiring and supporting her fans from Australia and beyond to enjoy life and get active and healthy.

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An inspirational and entertaining speaker, Stephanie Rice draws on her own unique experience, along with the wisdom and skills she has learnt from some of the world’s best coaches and mentors to strive for success across her brands and ventures.

After a very successful 10 year career as an elite athlete, she experienced the ebbs and flows that come from living a very competitive and highly profile life. Her unique insights of both the highlights and challenges endured along her journey thus far will inspire and challenge your thoughts and outlook.

Stephanie’s direct and open approach, along with her modern and practical philosophies, will allow you to see a new perspective on how to achieve optimum performance and success in all facets of your life.

Her experience working in and out of the pool with a number of different mentors from within sport and business has also helped shape her approach and philosophies which she will explore in depth.

Following retirement from the sport she loved so much, Stephanie went on to win the high rating Australian TV show ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, making her the youngest to win the show worldwide at 24. She has co-authored her own book ‘The Art of Wellness’, and is also an ambassador for a number of well known national brands in Australia and is passionately working on business ventures in India and Dubai.

Now as an entrepreneur, founding her kids swimwear company, RACERiCE, Stephanie believes it’s her time to give back. Her passion is to share her knowledge and experiences with others in the hopes that through her stories she can shine light on others to help them in some small way. She loves nothing more than knowing she has been able to have a positive impact in other people’s lives, and speaking allows her to share that message on a bigger platform.

"From the time we started talking with your team in organising this event and in such a short time frame everything has just been so easy and everything went like clock work on the day. Stephanie you were a breath of fresh air and from the comments and feedback we have received we know our members attended a very special event."

- Tony Eades, Chairman, Sydney Hills Business Chamber

"On behalf of Tim and crew - pass on our thanks to Steph and to take time to applaud her for such an incredible job. She kept the energy high, encouraged the contestants, and was good fun. Most critically, she was professional on camera, hit her marks, was able to confidently handle direction (and a certain amount of acting and presenting) and bought a certain sense of humour that was endearing to all. A true professional talent."

- Nick Piper, Executive Producer, Onion TV, Beat The Pros for Cancer Council Australia

"It was wonderful to have Steph involved in our new campus launch and Festival of Change last Friday in Brisbane. Steph gave a compelling presentation about her transition from swimming to entrepreneur, and some of the challenges she endured as she created a new career path that saw her continue to follow her passion and make a difference. Steph was professional, engaging and a pleasure to work with."

- Melinda Hutchings, PR and Internal Communications Manager, THINK Education

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The Art of Wellness
The Art of Wellness
The Art of Wellness